St. Tereza Medical University

St. Tereza Medical University

St Tereza Medical University named after Saint Tereza is a private medical college, placed in Yerevan. The university laid its foundation in 1992; however, the instructions for St Tereza Medical University Medical Program began in 1995. The establishment year of the university itself speaks about the years of experience that this medical university lacks on. The St Tereza Medical University Address is at Mashtots Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia.

This university offers six-year MBBS program to its aspirants. The medical education is based on Armenian curriculum for MBBS has similarity to Indian pattern to some context, which is the main reason some students mistakenly choose to do medical qualification in country like Armenia. 

The St Tereza Medical University hostels are available for the incoming students and are in average condition. As per the St Tereza Medical University Official Website, it operates several departments in its college and the university such as Obstetrics, Nursing, Pharmaceutical, Medicine and Dentistry Departments.

Also, Students from abroad and some parts of India do consider pursuing MBBS in Armenia due to low-cost tuition fees. The thought of a budget-friendly fee structure of the MBBS degree might look appealing to some of you. However, the university might not be providing enough services affecting quality of education, clinical exposure, and lack of supportive cooperation from foreign universities. It would not be a good idea when compared to quality of education provided at the medical colleges abroad. 

St Tereza Medical University Ranking and Recognition 

The St Tereza Medical University World Ranking is 12963rd among 40,000 odd universities while the St Tereza Medical University Country Ranking in Armenia is 40th. The university has been ranked C grade - defining poor quality of education provided at the university. The St Tereza Medical University Recognition has been provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As compared to the Ukrainian Universities, Armenian universities don’t have much to provide in terms of quality education due to lack of proper infrastructure and in terms of experience. Ukraine has population in Crores while the population of Armenia is way less. As a result, Armenian universities are inept of providing much more medicinal and clinical exposure.

Challenges of studying in St. Tereza Medical University 

The St. Tereza Medical University may have the attractive features mentioned above but:

  • The universities in Armenia have poor quality of education, low quality infrastructure, along with less population.
  • Armenian language being the official language of Armenia, students might face challenge regarding adaptation to newer locations due to unfamiliar language, customs and cultural values of the city.
  • The chance of getting admissions in public university in Armenia is very low. These are very few and the seats fill up easily.
  • Yerevan, despite being the capital city of Armenia has very less population as compared to neighboring countries like Russia and Ukraine. The population of Ukraine is 10x to that of Armenia. Hence, Ukraine, Russia or other abroad universities a better option to obtain a MBBS degree along with better medical and clinical exposure.
  • Cost of living of Armenia is extremely high compared to that of India, in order to study, work or reside or to get a MBBS degree at St. Tereza Medical University altogether will make you spend extra amount of money. 
  • Visa is mandatory for Indian Students thus you will require visa for getting enrolled in Armenian Universities. 
Cost of studying MBBS at St. Tereza Medical University 

The St. Tereza Medical University Fee Structure for 2022 falls under the medium range. The details for the MBBS fees are as follows:

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Course Fee(in USD) 5450 5450 5450 5450 5450 5450
Admission Deadline for 2022 

In the Abroad Universities, the timing of application is crucial. Generally, the right time to apply at St Tereza Medical University Admission Deadline for 2022 is starting July till mid August. 

However, we reiterate that along with being a private university, the St. Tereza Medical University has many short-comings and we will not advise you to take admission. As mentioned above, less population induces less clinical exposure, plus the poor educations system and low quality infrastructure of Medical Universities in Armenia, is something any student would avoid. 

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

St. Tereza Medical University admission requirements include a score of 50% marks in PCB in Class XII. Of course, you need to have qualified NEET 2021. Moreover, you need to clear the entrance exam conducted by the university.

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