Manipal University College

Manipal University College

Established in 1997, Manipal University College Malaysia (MUCM) is a private medical institution. The MUCM (Melaka Campus) is a part of Manipal Group. In addition, it also has various other off-campuses located in Mangalore, Bangalore, Dubai (UAE), and Melaka (Malaysia). Melaka Campus has effectively laid a solid foundation for 25 years of medical education and academic excellence. MUCM has access to over 1000 patient-bed facilities.

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) popularly identified as the Manipal University offers 350 above UG and PG levels courses. Besides it serves 31 disciplines for instance, including Animation, Engineering, Science, Pharmacy, Nursing, Commerce, Management, Design, Humanities, Media & Communications and Culinary Arts.

The MBBS in Malaysia is distributed over 10 semesters, out of which Semesters 1st to 4th cover Pre-Clinical Subjects. And, from the 6th Semester onwards students cover Clinical Subjects. In addition, students spend most of their time in bed-side teaching at the partner teaching hospitals.

The Manipal University College Malaysia World Ranking is 5879th while the Manipal University College Malaysia Country Ranking in Malaysia is at 47th position. And, hence we can say that the overall ranking of the university is respectable. But the major disadvantage of completing MBBS degree in Malaysia. The duration of MBBS in Malaysia is of 5 years and there is no provision of doing internship. But, as per the guidelines, laid by NMC, MBBS degree from abroad requires a total of 6 years of training with a year of internship.

Teaching Faculty

The Manipal University College Malaysia teaching faculty claims to deliver excellent quality academics with the utmost professionalism. The learning-teaching part is based on two-way interaction by means of group discussions, class activities, tutorials and so on.

Studying at Manipal University College Malaysia

The Manipal University College Malaysia is a private medical university in Malaysia. Any medical student looking for a good Medical University in Malaysia must research well about the university.

1. Firstly, the Manipal University College Malaysia started the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) programs as recently as 2020.
2. Secondly, most medical universities in Malaysia are private. 
3. Thirdly, the new NMC guidelines stated that you need to have a total of 5 years of MBBS followed by one year of Internship
4. Fourthly, there is no provision of doing Internship in Malaysia in any of the medical universities.
5. And thus, you are ineligible to appear in the NEXT exam which means no Indian Medical PG or practicing license.
6. Lastly, the MBBS in Malaysia cost is equivalent to that of the best MBBS abroad options in Europe.

Affiliations and Medical Programs of Manipal University College Malaysia

As far as the international affiliations of Manipal University College Malaysia are concerned, for example, share academic cooperation with universities and institutions in countries like New York, North Dakota, Australia, Arizona, UK, USA, etc.

The Manipal University College Malaysia Medical Programs, for instance, include several Foundation, Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. courses. The medical programs of MUCM namely are Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS), Biotechnology, etc.

Cost of studying MBBS at Manipal University College Malaysia

Manipal University College Malaysia Fee Structure for 2022 of MBBS falls in the medium range. Any student with an estimated budget of 65-75 lakhs can easily opt for an MBBS degree at Manipal University College. The details for Manipal University College Malaysia Fees are as follows:

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5
Course Fee (in MYR) 1,78,110 1,78,110 1,78,110 1,78,110 1,78,110
Hostel/ Accommodation

Manipal University College Malaysia hostel offers accommodation at reasonable rates within the campus to ensure convenient stay of the students. Above all, each hostel room is comprised of Single bed with mattress, furniture, air conditioning, water heating, and Internet access. The university also, provides kitchen on each floor for the students. Accordingly, students can opt for hostel rooms on a shared basis/individually owned or rent an apartment nearby.

However, many international students prefer renting private apartments as per their requirements. The total living cost will, of course, depend on the type of accommodation, food, personal expenses, transport, etc. Besides this, accommodations in Malaysia would cost you around 1000 – 1500 USD every month.

Indian Food in Manipal University College Malaysia

The Manipal University College Malaysia cafeteria offers extensive array of dishes. However, it specifically might not include Indian food. Thus, most students however prefer preparing food on their own as first of all it is Health and hygienic and also easy on the pocket at the same time.

Nonetheless, Malaysians are known to enjoy a variety of food. And, of course, you will find Indian food in the restaurants in the nearby places. You can also look for Indian restaurants or Indian mess. To conclude, the total cost of food for an individual will approximately be around 450 USD per month.

Admission Deadline for Manipal University College Malaysia 

For admission to Malaysian Universities, the application timing is crucial. Generally, the university has two intakes: First Intake begins in April and Second Intake begins in October. To avoid missing out on admission to your choice of university be sure to begin the admission process before the specified deadline. The right time to apply for Manipal University College Malaysia admission 2022 - 2023 would be before October 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission to Manipal University College Malaysia

Manipal University College Malaysia admission requirements include a score of 70% marks in PCB in Class XII. Of course, you need to have qualified NEET 2022.

Besides, Candidates willing to obtain a medical degree from Manipal University College Malaysia need to clear an interview or an entrance exam conducted by the university. For latest updates, you can also refer to the Manipal University College Malaysia Official Website.

Indian Students at Manipal University College Malaysia

At Manipal University College Malaysia, there are about 40 to 50 Indian students. Indian students usually feel comfortable being in Malaysia due to similar climatic conditions. Moreover, apart from the official language, English is the most preferable language spoken by Malaysian natives.

Departure to Manipal University College Malaysia

In Malaysia, visa approval takes 14 working days or two weeks time. Meanwhile, the academic session for the MBBS programs at Manipal University College Malaysia begins in October month. And, hence, the students depart from India 10-15 Days before the classes begin so that they can adjust to the Malaysia environment comfortably.

PG Option after MBBS in Manipal University College Malaysia

Students after completing MD Program in Malaysia may explore multiple options for their Medical PG like India after clearing NEXT, USA after Clearing USMLE, UK after clearing PLAB Exam, or Medical PG in Germany. Those who are looking for Medical PG from Malaysia need to do one year of Internship in Malaysia after their 6 years of the MD Program. Before that, they have to clear the Malaysian Medical PG Licensing Exam. Very few international students opt for it in the program in Malaysia, and no acceptance in their native country.

Medical PG in India or NExT

During MBBS study, a student realizes the importance of being a specialist. They also understand the competitiveness to secure MD/MS Seat in Govt College. If we look at the success ratio to get PG in Govt Medical College which is 11% Broadly we can say that only 1 out of 10 will get PG Seat whereas the chances of getting Clinical specialty is 1 out of 20 applicants. It is obvious that the PG journey is going to be very difficult or else students should have enough money to get the paid seat in Pvt Medical College which may be in Crores!

Total Applicants NEET PG 2021 Specialty Govt Med College Pvt Med College
Seats Success Ratio Seats
1.75 Lacs
MD (Non Clinical) 15K 8.6% 10K
MS ( Clinical) 8K 4.6% 5K
Total 23K 11.4% 15K

Do you feel early preparation and the right mentorship will pave your dream of becoming a specialist? NMC already notified the introduction of the NEXT Exam in India from 2023. This exam will replace all Medical PG exams in India. The exam will be conducted in two parts NEXT-1 and NEXT-2. 

The Objective of the NEXT-1 is to assess the Student’s Knowledge of Pre, Para, and Clinical Subjects on the National Level. Only post-qualifying of NEXT-1 any Medical student will be eligible for an Internship. Post completion of internship Students needs to go thru NEXT-2 which will assess their Clinical skills, Patient Management, and Keeping of Medical history. Those who will Clear NEXT-2 awarded a license to practice and Rankers of NEXT-1 will get PG seats of their choice. You may refer to Page for detailed information on the NExT Exam

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