Emilio Aguinaldo College

Emilio Aguinaldo College

About Manila in Philippines

Emilio Aguinaldo College Location: Manila.

The city of Manila is located at the eastern shore of Manila Bay and to the western side of Luzon Island. It is the capital as well as the chief city of Philippines. The city is second most densely populated city. 

Due to the establishment of the trade routes from the city to across the globe, Manila, Madrid and Mexico City are considered as worlds’ original set of global cities. As per the Philippine Commission act 183 of July 31, 1901, the city is considered as first chartered city in the country. The climate in Manila from March through the October month is the warmest and with the monsoons in November comes winter that continues till February, while January is the coldest. 

Emilio Aguinaldo College

The Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) is located at the heart of Manila, one of the most prestigious Medical Universities to study in Philippines. The university is spread over 27 hectares of campus area, with exclusive infrastructure consisting of separate construction for all sorts of facilities, and faculties. More than 450 students at Emilio Aguinaldo College are from India.

The Emilio Aguinaldo College was established as Midwifery School in 1957, since then the university is effectively engaged in providing different doctorate, masters and diploma courses. Faculties such as School of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, medicine and so on are served by the university. There are sport facilities that are been offered at the university that include swimming pool, gymnastics zone, running track, tennis court, and so on for the students. The education system of Philippines is inspired and structured after that of USA.

Emilio Aguinaldo College Ranking is 39th among Universities established in Bangladesh, which is significantly respectable and definitely it would be a proud thing for any student to study in Emilio Aguinaldo College.

Studying in Emilio Aguinaldo College – The Challenge

The Emilio Aguinaldo College is among the best Universities operational in Philippines. However, studying in Philippines has a major glitch that you must be well aware of before you choose to go to Emilio Aguinaldo College or any Medical University in Philippines for that matter.

The basic structure of education in Philippines follows the American pattern. In India, school is over after 12 years of studies and you enter college. But like the US, Philippines mandates 13 years of education before Graduation and when an Indian student applies for admission to MBBS in Philippines, he/she has to study Basic Sciences (BS) before he/she is eligible to begin his/her graduation.

This is not the worst part. After all, few will have a problem in investing a year if they end up becoming Doctors. But, after the BS course, you will need to be selected in a tough entrance exam – the NMAT. The NMAT is accepted as being tougher than NEET UG and almost equivalent to the American MCAT.

So, the fact of the matter is that even after investing time and money in the BS, the chances of your actually getting a chance to do MBBS is very slim. You need to consider this eventuality very seriously. Many agents avoid disclosing this to the trusting students and send them to Philippines and the poor youngsters land in great mental anguish and social distress because of the uncertainty.

Affiliations and Medical Programs at Emilio Aguinaldo College

The Faculties of Medicine is affiliated with other training institutes Such as Manila Medical Centre (OMMC), University of Philippines- General Hospital of Philippines and Cavite Medical Center that are best suited for Community health programs, allowing exposure and better learning experiences.

As far as International accreditations are concerned, the Institute has relations with Medical Council of India, Medical Council of Sri Lanka, Nepal Medical Council, Thai Medical Council and Maldives Medical Council as well.

Cost of studying MBBS at Emilio Aguinaldo College

As mentioned above, Emilio Aguinaldo College Fees of MBBS falls in the medium range but way less than the Indian Private Medical Colleges. The details are as follows:

Year Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Course Fee 4,90,000 1,75,000 4,15,000 4,15,000 4,15,000 4,15,000
Admission Deadline for Emilio Aguinaldo College

The intake in Philippines is in the month of September. But this year, in 2022, there could be some variation due to COVID 19 but we Medicos will take care of all the confusion for you.

We say that the timing of application is crucial because the issuance of the Invitation Letter by the Ministry of Education, Philippines takes around 4-8 weeks on the basis of which the Consulate in India issues the visa to you. If you are late in applying, you may miss going there with your batch mates.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission in Emilio Aguinaldo College

Emilio Aguinaldo College admission requirements include a score of 50% marks in PCB in Class XII. Of course, you need to have qualified NEET 2022.

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