Becoming a successful doctor is the dream of every medical student. Therefore, many students go abroad to do their MBBS. Medicine UG and PG courses require tremendous time and effort. Students learn skills via theory and practical experiences under reputed doctors or hospitals. This process involves technology, innovation, massive medical infrastructure, patient management, and staff. Quality comes with a substantial price. Therefore, many Indian students and students from other countries also pursue MBBS in Europe. Doing MBBS abroad is very cost-effective and also beneficial. Students will get a lot better exposure in their particular field, which will help them to become successful doctors. Therefore, most of the students want to pursue their MBBS in Europe.

Why study MBBS in Europe?

  • MBBS can be pursued at a meagre cost. Countries like Finland, Norway, Germany, and Denmark offer accessible education facilities. The Ministry of education provides subsidized education in many European countries.
  • Student gets the best technological infrastructure facilities in Europe. Thus, medical students get to work with the latest technologies, increasing their confidence and contributing to better learning.
  • Innovation and research work are frequently carried out by the institutions that help students become aspiring researchers.
  • In Sweden, scholarships and tuition fee waivers are available for international students.  
  • Students get a reasonable degree after completing their MBBS in Europe. This degree is valid all over the world.

Benefits of studying MBBS in Europe

1.   Cost of education

The cost of MBBS in Europe is less than many private colleges in India. As English is the standard language for teaching, no charge is required for taking English courses for Indian students.

2.   Cost of living

The cost of living is meagre, especially in areas closer to the universities. Food and accommodation are also available everywhere.

3.   Recognition in India

The medical council of India recognizes MBBS degrees from Europe. This degree is also valid for NMC, WHO and UNESCO.

4.   Cultural exposure

The student can explore all the cultures of Europe. The places, monuments and natural beauties attract the Indian students and make them feel at home.

   What benefit and accommodation does a student get from the universities?

  • Accommodations provided by the universities

Universities have several hostels which are close. The hostel area and the university campus are continuously monitored with CCTV cameras. Therefore, the authority will get to know everything if any problem occurs. The hostels have excellent infrastructure along with great food. Hostels include a library, television rooms, canteens, kitchens and gardens. Therefore, every student feels at home.

  • Private accommodation

Some students choose private accommodation where they can study peacefully. Accommodations consist of 2 or 3 bedrooms with attached kitchen, bathrooms and living areas.   

Best places for MBBS in Europe


  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Slovakia
  • Belarus
  • Ukraine
  • Bulgaria
  • Spain
  • Russia
Is it safe to Pursue MBBS in Europe?

Safety and security are at the topmost priority. Students who are pursuing MBBS in Europe are safe and secure. All the hostels have medical facilities and excellent infrastructure. The universities take care of all the students properly and efficiently.